Zero to 5k starter group

The Stevenage Striders have an award winning Zero to 5k starter group. The training session is a 10 week programme that takes place each Tuesday at 7:15pm. It is designed for non runners and runners alike who are seeking to start running as a means of getting fit and enjoying the other benefits of running.

The club use progressive training techniques to get individuals to the point where they can complete a 5k distance and even go beyond!

Each 10 week programme culminates in taking part in the Stevenage parkrun. Our latest programme started on 5th September 2017  and will include the Stevenage parkrun on 11 November 2017,  9am Fairlands Valley Park.

The start dates for the programme in 2018 are shown below:

16 January 2018

8 May 2018

4 September 2018

Further details can be found at