Press release 9/7/2017

Ware 10km
Jonny Nicholls was in race action on Sunday as he took part in the Ware festival of running by taking part in the 10km (6 mile) event, finishing in 8th place with a time of 40:48.
Parkrun Report
The weekly dose of Parkruns had a few Striders out in force. Parkrun is a free 5km (3.2mile) run for every one of all abilities which are hosted around the country at 9am every Saturday. Check the Parkrun website to find out the nearest course to you.
Fontainebleau Parkrun:
Danik Bates traveled the furthest out of the Striders this weekend by doing the Fontainebleau parkrun which is about a forty minute train journey south of the French capital, Paris. Set in the beautiful location of the castle grounds there, Danik managed a top ten place finished, coming in 10th out of 25 runners in a time of 24-05. Despite the hot weather and returning to fitness, Danik could have got a faster time but as with all the runners competing, the +34 temperatures affected performances.
Peterborough Parkrun:
Steve Wells was the fastest strider on the parkrun circuit at the weekend at the other end of the A1 by competing in Peterborough. Steve put in an impressive performance finishing 13th out of 580 runners in 19-15.
Stevenage Parkrun:
288 runners took on the two lap course in Fairlands Valley Park on Saturday and first to cross the line was Ben Parry in 28th place with a time of 22-22. Others to complete the course were: Robbie Blackham 23-25 (50th), Gary Jaques 24-00 (60th), Jenny Ingram-Tedd 24-10 (63rd), Frances Levy 25-36 (83rd), Rose Jennings 25-50 (88th), Ian Levy 25-51 (89th), Russell Andrews 26-15 (96th), Anne Miller 27-21 (123rd), Dave Sartain 28-08 (142nd), Richard Bates 28-55 (154th), Caroline Longfellow 33-43 (220th), Carole Dhanoon 34-01 (226th), Sandra Howes 34-02 (227th), Julie Kempson 34-14 (229th), Kia Kewstone 35-35 (245th), Holly Parry 35-35 (246th), Chrissie Parry 35-51 (249th), Tricia Harrow 40-04 (273rd), Tracy Norris 42-21 (278th), Sue Leigh 42-21 (279th), Chris Leigh 42-25 (280th), Sue Loughran 56-15 (288th).
Other courses: Becki Brunetti finished 281st out of 389 runners at the St Albans Parkrun in a time of 30-22 whilst Alan Watt finished the Hartlepool parkrun in 22-40 (30th out of 111 runners).