Press release 17th June 2018

Marathon Action.

Davie Stafford and Clare Wing were back in marathon action on Sunday, taking part in the Hampshire Hobbit which started and finished north of Basingstoke. Davie finished the 26.2 mile course in 04-34-37 finishing 124th place and Clare was a second behind in 04-34-38 finishing 125th.


Emma Sclanders took part in an Aquathlon at Stanborough Lakes, Welwyn Garden City which consisted of a 750m swim and a 5km run. Emma finished in 3rd position.

Run round the garden.

Peter Mon took part in the onemile race in Letchworth Garden City and finished in 7-23, coming in 21st out of 49 runners.


The 5km (3.1 mile) free-event for all took place on Saturday morning and  Striders were out in force.

Over in Canada, Danik Bates took on the Richmond Olympic course south of Vancouver in Beautiful British Columbia. Despite the very strong heat (+26 at 09:00!!), Danik managed to finish the flat course with a combination of tarmac and gravel in 22-28, finishing 11th out of 59 runners.

Back in the UK, Steve ‘the machine’ Wells finished 2nd out of 150 runners in nearby Letchworth, finishing 19-55. Other results: Hartlepool Parkrun: Alan Watt 23-26 (32nd out of 113 runners). Panshanger Parkrun (Hertford): Ken Marshall 27-48 (177th out of 365 runners).

At the local Parkrun course at Fairlands Lakes, Stevenage, where 285 runners took part, the first strider home was Ollie Garbas in 21-54 (29th). Ollie completed the course with a buggy and gained a buggy-parkrun PB in the progress. Other results: Tony Castro 29-43 (168th), Helen Harris 43-44 (279th), Sue Loughran 49-47 (285th).