Press release 16/7/2017

The end of the Midweek League season came to a close in Welwyn Garden City on Thursday 13th July in the annual mob match where all teams from all three divisions run a ‘friendly’ 10km (6 mile) race before the trophies were handed out for certain teams winning their divisions. With no pressure for the Striders as they gained promotion from Division Three at the first time of asking, the team still provided some great results and only Danik Bates was the only one not to finish with severe cramp in his leg.
First home was Darren Lovelock who put on a marvellous display in the warm conditions, coming in at 39-36. Not far behind was Steve ‘the machine’ Wells in 40-14 and third home was Jonny Nicholls in 40-31. Other men results: Daniel Sanders (captain): 45-17, Ben Parry 46-34, Alan Watt 48-46, Sam Cayton 49-20, Gary Jaques 49-53, Robbie Blackham 51-32, Karl Hudson 52-05, Mark Dunn 53-27, Paul Marshall 54-37, Russell Andrews 56-45, Robin Hester 01-00-50, Richard Bates 01-04-39
In the ladies it was the showing of team spirit and pride around the two lap course with ladies team captain Tracy Bullot leading the way. Tracy, Molly Davis, Frances Levy, Rose Jennings and Lisa Liversidge came in at 57-05 whilst Jenny Ingram-Tedd was hot on their tails and finished in 57-06. Other results: Sarah Cousins 57-59, Eilish Hislop 58-45, Nicola McGuigan 01-06-30, Sue Loughran 01-08-05, Sue Leigh 01-08-05.
Stevenage Striders 5km Handicap
On Tuesday evening the Stevenage Striders completed their third 5k handicap in the 2017 series. Ducking in between the rain, the runners produced good times with a very close finish. In a handicap race each runner is given a predicted finish time based on form and the winner of the race is the runner who beats their target by the largest margin.
The winner of the race was Chrissie Parry in a time of 32:24, beating her target by 4 minutes 6 seconds. She was closely followed by Nicola McGuigan and Julie Kempston. The first man home was Richard Bates in 27:07. The quickest lady on the night was Tracy Bullot in 23:58 and the quickest man was James Hunter in 20:39.
The leader of the race series is Nicola McGuigan followed by James Hunter and Ben Parry, and the next race takes place on 8th August.
Full results in time order (and handicap position): James Hunter 20-39 (6th), Ben Parry 21-17 (10th), James French 22-22 (20th), Darren Gilbert 22-36 (13th), Marc Hagland 23-36 (15th),Tracy Bullot 23-58 (14th), Russell Andrews 23-51 (12th), Julie Ingram-Tedd 24-06 (8th), Paul Marshall 24-39 (11th), Molly Davis 25-30 (19th),Alan Hunter 26-09 (5th), Eilish Hislop 26-28 (9th), Richard Bates 27-07 (4th), Nicola McGuigan 28-36 (2nd), Chrissie Pary 30-54 (1st), Caroline Longfellow 32-32 (7th), Julie Kempson 32-57 (3rd), Kian Hewstone 35-05 (16th), Holly Parry 35-09 (17th), Sam Cayton 35-14 (18th)
Parkrun Report
The weekly dose of Parkruns had a few Striders out in force. Parkrun is a free 5km (3.2mile) run for every one of all abilities which are hosted around the country at 9am every Saturday. Check the Parkrun website to find out the nearest course to you.
Stevenage Parkrun:
286 runners took on the two lap course in Fairlands Valley Park on Saturday and first to cross the line was Ben Parry in 25th place with a time of 22-01. Other results: Gary Jaques 22-46 (38th), Danik Bates (with a buggy) 27-00 (121st), Anne Miller 27-10 (124th), Steve Moore 27-14 (125th), Richard Bates 29-35 (160th), Kian Hewstone 35-29 (249th), Holly Parry 35-30 (250th), Tracy Norris 41-58 (281st).
Other courses: up the A1 saw Alan Watt take on the course at Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire, finishing in 55th out of 312 runners in 23-43. Down south saw Becki Brunetti take on St Albans and came in 281st out of 405 runners in 30-00.