Press release 14/5/2018

Stratford Upon Avon

Davie Stafford and Clare Wing travelled to Warwickshire for the Shakespeare Marathon, their 5thmarathon in the 2018 calendar year. Davie Stafford finished in 169th with a time of 03-54-22 whilst Clare came in 288th position with a time of 04-20-14. There were 486 runners.

Marlow 5

The Striders took on the five-mile course in Marlow, Buckinghamshire on Sunday. Steve Wells was first home for the reds in 31-45 finishing in 5th out of 1070 runners. Ben Parry: 38-31 (248th), Russell Andrews: 40-56 (393rd), Esperanza Castro: 41-30 (397th), Frances Levy 41-42 (415th), Molly Davis 42-30 (458th), Ian Levy 42-31 (460th), Peter Monk 42-22 (471st), Philip Deaves 43-17 (493rd), Steven Hawes 43-43 (559th), Holly Parry 48-42 (796th), Chris Leigh 48-43 (797th), Sue Leigh 48-43 (798th) and Chrissie Parry 49-47 (835th).

Hitchin 10km

Two striders took on the 10km course which started and finished in nearby Hitchin, taking on the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside south of the historic market town. Greg Bradbury, despite injury came in at 52-11, finishing 143rd out of 402 runners whilst Anne Miller came in with a time of 57-07 finishing 217th.

This week’s dose of Parkruns.

The 5km (3.1 mile) free-event for all took place on Saturday morning and a few Striders were out in force. Alan Watt took on the Westmill course near Ware and finished in 25-12 (20th out of 52 runners). Tracy Norris was at Eastbourne and gained a course PB with a time of 38-05 (295th out of 308 runners) whilst Danik Bates walked the Aldenham course and came in 52-52 (137th out of 138 runners).

At the local Parkrun course at Fairlands Lakes, Stevenage, where 290 runners took part, the first strider home was Tony Castro in 28-32 (130th). Other results: Garry Wallace 29-12 (141st), Russell Andrews 30-52 (172nd), Colin Fenwick 30-56 (175th), Sharon Franklin 31-13 (179th) and Sue Loughran (232nd).