New members

We are proud to confirm that membership of the Stevenage Striders to 28 February 2018 is FREE!!  We have been free since our inception in August 2013.

To join, simply complete the membership application form, attached below:


Our training sessions use a combination of traditional interval training, fartlek runs and steady/tempo training.  Our interval training has a twist!!! Conventional interval training often uses periods of fairly static recoveries.  At the Striders we use active ‘roll on/roll off’ recoveries.  More beneficial and less risk of causing injury.

Speed endurance – after an appropriate warm up we use a series of timed intervals (efforts) where we run harder/faster before running slowly (recovery period).  During the recovery period we all re-group before starting the next effort….and so on. The main training group covers  a route of about 5-6 miles and our Improvers Group uses a shorter route of approximately 4 miles. The improvers group is suitable for those who are  progressing from 5k to take on distances of 10k or over. For either training group it doesn’t matter if you are running at a slow pace as long as you maintain your running throughout the route.

Interval, hill or tempo paced training.  These sessions tend to focus on developing your running technique and pace.  They tend to operate over a confined area using shorter measured intervals (such as 400m, 800m).  We also used mixed hills and tempo runs.  The training sessions are suitable for anyone who can run at least 5K continuously.  Your running pace does not matter!!!  Taking part in these sessions will radically improve your running!!

The speed endurance session and hill/interval based sessions are featured on alternating Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Wednesday training – we have a training session that is based on steady running covering no more than 5 miles. This is arranged in an out and back format. It is designed for runnings seeking to improve their endurance and can also be used for those returning from injury or simply seeking a recovery paced run.

Our Zero to 5k starter group complete a 10 week programme that progresses from short run/walk efforts to completing a 5k parkrun. Look out for the dates of the next programme on our training diary.

Sunday – our Sunday morning runs are a great excuse for exploring the local countryside outside of Stevenage.  We vary our routes and starting points and the runs are usually between 7 to 10 miles long.  They all have one thing in common – they are run at a slow, long run pace where the focus is on building endurance and having a social run.  We should be able to talk and run!! Look out for the meeting point and  start time on the club diary.