Handicap 5K race series 2017

Race dates for 2017

Race 1 – 18th May   5k handicap results 18052017

Race 2 – 6th June  5k handicap results 06062017

Race 3 – 11th July 5k handicap results 11072017

Race 4 – 8th August 5k handicap results 08082017

Race 5 – 14th September 5k handicap results 14092017

Race 6 – 12th October

2017 race series – 6 monthly races with the best 3 results of each runner to count. You must have completed at least 3 races to be eligible to be considered for the race series. Each runner is given a target time for each race. The target times are based on recent race and training data. The aim is to beat that target time by the largest margin. Runners are started in reverse order with the slower runners going first. The winning runner is the one who beats their target time by the largest margin. Runners are allocated points based on their finishing position. Winner 1 point, runner up 2 points etc. The winner of the series is the runner who has the lowest aggregate score over their best three results. In the event of a tie the results of the fourth scoring race completed will be considered, and then the fifth and then the sixth to separate the runners concerned. If this still results in a tie between two runners then the aggregate of each runners margins between their finishing time and target time will be considered.

Route details – the course is a flat, fast out and back route ALL on the cycleways. It starts close to the railway bridge on Gunnels Wood Road near the fire training centre. Running south along the cycleway you pass under the underpass near the Bridge Road/Gresley Way road junctions and head towards BuildBase and Fira. Stay on the left hand side of Gunnels Wood Road you pass BuildBase and then FIRA on your left. Bear right to enter the roundabout complex and then immediately left. Continue ahead until you pass Airbus on your left. On your right you will then see a small tunnel under the road. Pass through this and turn right. Staying on the left of Gunnels Wood Road proceed ahead towards the start. Pass through the initial starting point and head down hill to the underpass complex finishing in the underpass opposite.