Club press release 26/12/2017


The striders were in action over the festive period and taking full advantage of the mild weather.

Parkrun Report

The weekly dose of Parkruns had a few Striders out in force. Parkrun is a free 5km (3.2mile) run for every one of all abilities which are hosted around the country at 9am every Saturday. Check the Parkrun website to find out the nearest course to you.

Saturday 23rd December Parkrun’s – there are two days of Parkrun’s this week, one on Saturday 23rd and on Christmas Day two days later. Here are the Striders results.

Danik Bates took on the one lap Northala Fields course in Northolt, northwest London and finished in 22-25, coming in 55th out of 277 runners. Anne Miller was down in Bognor Regis and completed the course in 28-37, finishing 112nd out of 285 runners. Becki Brunetti was in St Albans and completed the three-lap course around the lakes in 28-03 finishing 222nd out of 412 runners.

Back home, Steve Wells was first strider home in the Stevenage Parkrun, finishing in 19-48 (8th out of 229 runners). Davie Stafford (with a buggy): 21-22 (29th), Clare Wing (course PB): 23-15 (53rd), Steve Moore 26-22 (93rd), Garry Wallace 28-29 (119th), Richard Bates 29-00 (126th), Louise Chancellor 30-48 (155th), Russell Andrews 34-55 (195th), Colin Fenwick 34-56 (196th), Sue Loughran 44-23 (228th).

Monday 25th December Parkrun’s.

Stevenage results: 174 runners took part. First home was Davie Stafford (with a buggy) in 21-45 (14th), Clare Wing 23-29 (35th), Daniel Sanders 23-32 (37th), Kelly Bedford 27-22 (78th), Chris Leigh 30-25 (112nd), Dave Mendonca 30-25 (113th), Tracy Norris 40-12 (163rd), Sue Loughran 48-51 (174th).

Panshanger (Hertford) results: 364 runners took part. First home was Danik Bates in 24-18 (73rd). Peter Monk 28-29 (171st).

Hartlepool result: Alan Watt finished 26th out of 85 runners in 23-58

Doncaster result: Emma Sclanders 50th out of 207 runners (& 3rd female finisher) in 23-58