Club press release 1/1/2018

The striders were in action over the festive period and taking full advantage of the mild weather.
Parkrun Report
The weekly dose of Parkruns had a few Striders out in force. Parkrun is a free 5km (3.2mile) run for every one of all abilities which are hosted around the country at 9am every Saturday. Check the Parkrun website to find out the nearest course to you.
Saturday 30th December Parkrun’s – there are two days of Parkrun’s this week, one on Saturday 30th and on New Years Day two days later. Here are the Striders results.
Saturday 30th – Helen Harris took on the Airlie Beach parkrun in Queensland, Australia and completed the course in 45-59, finishing 48th out of 50 runners. Closer to home, Becki Brunetti took on St Albans course and completed it in 29-04 finishing 197th out of 361 runners.
Back home in Stevenage Parkrun, Danik Bates was first strider home in 23-15, finishing in 27th out of 192 runners. Other runners: Emma Cole 23-52 (33rd), Jenny Ingram-Tedd 25-41 (52nd), Steve Moore 28-07 (83rd), Garry Wallace 29-14 (99th), Louise Chancellor 31-11 (119th), Clare Wing 33-54 (146th), James Moore 33-57 (147th), Russell Andrews 34-23 (151st), Colin Fenwick 34-26 (152nd), Therese Jones 35-45 (158th), Brenda Smith 36-52 (165th) and Davie Stafford 41-29 (188th).
Monday 1st January 2018: if runners were lucky and can transport themselves, then runners had the choice of doing two parkruns in this morning. Most events either started at 9am and 10.30am. So if you see one runner doing two courses in the next batch of results, then you know why!
Danik Bates took on two cross-country courses. First up was Hemel Hempstead where he finished in 25-41 (38th out of 146 runners) and then was in Tring where he finished in 27-36 (89th out of 353 runners). Clare Wing took on Panshanger Parkrun in Hertford and finished in 27-16, coming in 127th out of 303 runners. Becki Brunetti finished the St Albans course in 28-48 (246th out of 409 runners).
Stevenage results: 315 runners took part. First home was Davie Stafford (with a buggy) in 21-25 (17th). Other runners were: Ben Parry 22-30 (30th), Clare Wing 24-05 (56th), Jenny Ingram-Tedd 25-03 (67th), Victoria McIver 25-04 (68th), Russell Andrews 25-45 (80th), Steve Moore 26-55 (107th), Steven Hawes 27-25 (123rd), Garry Wallace 29-05 (156th), Chris Leigh 29-50 (177th), Louise Chancellor 30-49 (204th), Chrissie Parry 33-35 (234rd), Louise Glanvill 34-45 (249th), Sue Loughran 35-24 (262nd), Brenda Smith 35-35 (265th), and Tracy Norris 39-32 (296th).